What lies on the road ahead


Howdy guys,

So just a quick and dirty (I mean short) post with some updates on what is happening with us and where we are looking to go.

The biggest news for us is we have been working on a number of campaigns for the lovely Scan Clinic team - take a moment and check out their website The Scan Clinic - the biggest challenge was creating a new service that they are introducing called Babycloud, which gives pregnant mums-to-be who have had an ultrasound scan with them the very cool ability to view their photos online on their secure cloud and share access with friends and loved ones, who again can log in from anywhere in the world and see the precious little treasure on its way into this world.

Our work was not only from a design point of view of the name of the service, and its marketing but also the Scan Clinic team went one step further and asked us to help them in setting it up from the backend which was a new area for us but as we say to everyone we are not just a bill you per hour company we build relationships not super-long invoices so we were happy to get involved.

This really opened some doors for us and I guess biggest one is this attitude of partnership - that is what we want to really convey more with you and vice versa as many other agencies, studios, freelance techies are in it just to get your hard earned cash. Now we are not going to say money isn’t a motivator for us, of course it is - we all need to put bread on the table (and coffe and cake and biscuits and everything!) but what matters more to us is meeting people and making partners as thats whats going to keep our lights on for many years to come.

So this is an open letter and invitation - if you have project or work you want some input on just drop us a line and lets make some magic.