We knew the lips would bring you here!


K-I-S-S is our acronym for Keep it Simple(s)! Not to be confused with the simplesss as a certain meerkat would say it but we had to add the extra s as we couldn’t leave it as KIS.

This is our biggest and core philosophy which we apply on all projects as best as we can and really the idea is take away the clutter and marketing mumbo jumbo and let people see and get to the heart of what your trying to present and create. This philosophy transcends across multiple sectors and so has so many different applications. We talked about this being the reason we moved to building the website on Jekyll as hopefully you will see and notice the website is more simple, less cluttered, loads faster and shows what we do and our passion in doing it.

This is also why the lightbulb has become our insignia and logo as its such a simple idea and device but its impact on the world and our way of life is so profound. We thought the message that comes with this imagery is very strong and to help keep it in the modern world we chose an energy efficient bulb (fun fact - Phillips actually call this lightbulb the twister, how cool is that!).

We encourage anyone reading this working on whatever project to try this approach and see if it doesn’t change your perspective or end result. The steps are super simple to follow as well - to give you a brief introduction on this what you should try to do is list the key outcomes, or goals of your project similar to a design brief but the more concise the better, try to do this in a few bullet points but a paragraph or two is not the end of the world.

Next make a list of just the bare essentials you need to do or get to achieve that goal or target, as I am sure many of you will fall into the trap like we did of having a huge list of musts and includes, which is what makes the next and longest part the most fun! Go over each point and critically discuss with your team or yourself why that needs to be on the list to the point where you are justifying its position - think of a spring clean of a cluttered office, do you really need that walkman player and your ipod?! This is the biggest challenge but more than not you will see the list shrink down to the true bare-bones of what is essential.

The hard part is over, take a breath, grab a coffee then get to work - you now have your plan. The beauty of this is that nothing is set in stone you can always add/remove/adjust your plan but by taking the keep it simple approach your starting point will allow you the flexibility and lee-way to do this.

We would love to hear anything your working on or even bounce ideas around if your stuck on a project so feel free to get in touch.